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Market Research: What Is It And How Does It Improve Your Company?

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In a rapidly changing marketplace, companies need to constantly come up with new products and services in order to keep up with the changing preferences and needs of customers. However, when they believe they have a great concept, they will dive in headfirst and devote a massive amount of resources into it before discovering there is no demand for the product or service.

Companies should put more effort into understanding whether customers are interested in a product or service before devoting significant resources to it. Market research is an effective method for businesses to obtain feedback from customers about their interest in a product or service and to determine whether the product needs to be updated to better satisfy the customer's need.

If market research is not conducted, companies will be unable to understand their competition, the demand and needs of their customers, and obtain other information required for them to remain competitive.

Let us discover more about market research and how it can help improve your business.

What is Market Research?

Market research is a systematic process of acquiring, evaluating, and interpreting information to determine the viability of a new product or service. The purpose of conducting market research is to examine the market around the product or service and assess how the consumers will respond to it.

Conducting market research can assist companies in making well-informed decisions and allow them to funnel their resources towards the ideas and projects that hold the most potential. Companies can also use market research to evaluate the whole industry and their competitors.

By analyzing the entire industry, companies can keep up to date on the latest market trends and develop plans to stay ahead or respond to the changing market situations. Market research also enables companies to conduct comparative studies with their competitors.

Companies will be able to compare their products to competitors' products and gather information on marketing, marketing positioning, and price. This will assist companies to identify supply and demand gaps and allow developing businesses to capitalize on them more effectively.

Here is a video to give you a more in-depth explanation of market research.

Types of Market Research

Now that we've covered the basics, let's look at the different types of market research. There are four main types of market analysis that you’ll likely come across. Each of these can help your company to extract data and information about your market in different ways. The four main types of market research are Primary, Secondary, Qualitative, and Quantitative research.

Primary Research

Primary research is also known as first-party data. First-party data is information that you gathered on your own, without referring to the work of others, by going directly to the target market using a variety of approaches. Because the data comes directly from the customers, this form of market analysis can assist businesses in improving their business strategies.

This will enable you to receive accurate information about the strengths and weaknesses of the company, allowing you to have a better grasp of the whole customer experience. It is considered the most valuable type of market research because it is specific to your target group.

A survey is an excellent tool for conducting primary research since participants do not need to be physically present with the interviewer to complete it. The survey can be completed from any location with an internet connection, providing participants with the flexibility to respond at different times.

Secondary Research

Secondary research is also known as second-party or third-party data. Second and third party data is information that has been compiled, gathered, organized, and published by others. This includes previously published reports and studies by government agencies, trade organizations, or other companies in your industry.

Because the information is easily accessible, secondary research can assist you in gaining a better grasp of your industry as a whole. You will be able to identify how competitors operate, receive critical industry data, and gain other vital insights to help you design a more informed business strategy.

The internet is an excellent method to collect secondary research material. Simply input keywords and phrases for the sort of information you are looking for, and the results will appear in an instant. Another method to gather data is by contacting government entities. 

Companies can receive research data published by them for free. On the other hand, obtaining data published by private companies may require authorization and may need you to pay a fee before you can have access to the data.

Qualitative Research

Qualitative research refers to the collection of primary or secondary data that is non-numerical. Qualitative research focuses on the reasons and motivations behind the customer's behaviours, opinions, desires, and expectations. The purpose of this analysis is to learn about what your consumers think about your product.

By doing this type of research, companies can get critical insights into how the customers feel about the product. This will help companies produce a better product that takes the sentiments and opinions of customers about your product or service into account.

An excellent strategy for businesses to use this research is before releasing their product to the market. This analysis can assist companies in determining if a new product has fulfilled the expectations of its customers.

If a product fails to fulfil customer expectations, companies can inquire as to why this is the case and receive suggestions on how to improve the product before releasing it to the market.

Quantitative Research

Quantitative research refers to the collection of primary or secondary data that is numerical. This data is collected and analyzed using computational, mathematical, or statistical techniques, with the findings provided as numerical data.

The purpose of the quantitative analysis is to obtain reliable, standardized facts and statistics to help answer crucial business questions such as "Is there a significant demand for our product?". Companies usually collect this data to be used as a guideline for which area to invest more in their business plan.

How does Market Research improve your company?

After gaining a better understanding of market research, you may be wondering how it may improve your company. Here are a few ways market research may help improve your company.

Measure the effectiveness of marketing strategy 

Marketing is continuously evolving, and companies must anticipate and respond to change to remain relevant. Market research can assist companies by providing information on the effectiveness of their marketing plan.

Companies can create surveys to collect feedback from customers on how they feel about marketing messages and better understand their demands. It can also assist companies in determining which advertising channels are most likely to capture their attention.

This information may assist companies in developing marketing campaigns that are both innovative and appealing to their target audience.

Improve your branding strategy

Many companies lack a clear grasp of their brand and wonder how their customers view them. Market research can assist companies in improving their branding strategies by examining subjects such as brand awareness of the company, how customers perceive them in comparison to the competition, and what characteristics the customer associates with the brand, as well as gathering feedback from customers on these subjects.

This data enables companies to assess their current branding efforts and identify inefficiencies. This will assist companies to have a better understanding of their current branding strategy and how their customers perceive them, as well as. This allows them to design a better brand strategy that will position their brand in the manner they want their customers to view it.

Identify new opportunities 

When a company intends to expand but is unsure where to start, market research is a tool that may assist companies in discovering new market prospects. Companies can use it to examine data such as market size, demographics, industry dynamics, and others to determine the ideal geographic regions for expansion and test the market's readiness for your new product or service. This enables companies to identify which location is most suited for company expansion and whether the product has been verified and is suitable for distribution in that market. As a result, companies may develop and grow efficiently by conducting good market research.

Here are a few other reasons how market research helps improve your company


To recap, companies need to perform comprehensive market research before proceeding with a project. This will help businesses to determine whether there is a market for a product before investing additional resources in it, allowing them to focus those resources on a project with enormous potential and demand.

Aside from that, market research also assists companies in better understanding their operations from the perspective of their customers. This will help companies to evaluate their business strategy and better position themselves so that customers can identify them for what they stand for.

Market research enables businesses to collect numerous types of data for various studies. The reliable and accurate data acquired may assist firms in improving not just one but several aspects of their operations, allowing for more efficient growth and development.


What is Market Research

Types of Market Research

How does Market Research improve your company?

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