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Malaysia's exclusive board meeting for top tech entrepreneurs to learn & grow together. Entrepreneurs are guided by some of the best Startup mentors & investors.

By Entrepreneurs

This programme is created by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. The Entrepreneurs Programme large group of technology Startups and the CEOs of these groups that want to learn & grow together.

Offering A Strong Entrepreneurs Network

We wanted to share the power of strong networks with young entrepreneurs out there. We know so many that could use the help of their peers & real, experienced mentors.

Real Entrepreneurs, Real Problems

All entrepreneurs go through huge challenges in management, growth, expansion, getting investments, and exits. We bring them together in this platform to ensure stronger growth, together. 

Strong Entrepreneurs, And Strong Mentors

This programme only works with strong entrepreneurs, guided by strong mentors. This is why we curate the members that join, to ensure everyone can benefit, learn and grow together in a powerful environment to succeed.

Gain From The NEXEA Ecosystem

Build Networks with Investors

NEXEA has 30+ active Angel Investors

Build Networks with Fellow Entrepreneurs

35+ Startups In The NEXEA Portfolio

Build Networks with Large Corporates

NEXEA has worked with more than 10 Corporates

Learn From NEXEA Mentors & Partners

Network With High Growth Startups

Potentially Build Relationships With Our Corporate Partners

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Startup Feedback About NEXEA

As a young entrepreneur, I am really glad to have NEXEA by our side as their mentors are groups of business experts who excel in their respective fields. They have been extremely helpful, especially in offering different points of view when it comes to important company decisions. 

They have also been doing great at forming a good community for startups like us to participate in, where we get to learn, make mistakes and grow together.

Andrew Chee
Founder, RunningMan
NEXEA has helped us a lot throughout my journey as a student entrepreneur. In the mentoring sessions that we have periodically, it has enabled me to “come out from my business” for a while and look at the company with the mentors. This has allowed us to come out with new perspective as well as learning from experienced mentors that has started a business before. Overall, NEXEA has not only accelerated the growth of our business, but also the personal growth of myself as a first-time entrepreneur.

Yi Hern Chang
Founder, Jomrun
Ever since the accelerator with NEXEA, we have gotten tremendous help and support from them. A frequent mentoring session was conducted even after the programme. 

Their experience and insights were informative and helpful in growing our business. 

Besides that, the technical support provided by them was great.

Kim Yoong Wong
Founder, Jomrun

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Malaysia's exclusive private forum for top tech entrepreneurs to learn & grow together. Entrepreneurs are guided by some of the best Startup mentors & investors.
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