What makes NEXEA’s Entrepreneur Programme different from others?

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This is not your typical mentoring or coaching programme. This is a group of your fellow entrepreneurs coming together to network with you, discuss with you, and solve business issues together. This is a group where entrepreneurs learn and grow together, with a shared goal of becoming the leading technology giants of the future.

NEXEA’s programme also features highly experienced mentors during each monthly session who will be able to help address startup issues. These mentors are regional company leaders in C-levels and have done mergers and acquisitions on top of having listed companies.

Each monthly meeting is a full-day session, which includes expert sharing sessions, member deep-dives (which promotes knowledge sharing among the members) and the formation of strategic problem-solving teams to help solve significant issues among peers faster.

Global & local peer CEO groups typically charge from RM15,000 to RM45,000 per year. For NEXEA’s Entrepreneur Programme, however, the cost is RM500 per month for each member. We are bringing peer CEO groups to Startups so that we are able to support (and hopefully grow together) more Startups in this region to become future technology giants.

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